18 May 2018
Research - fishermen and conservation

There is interesting new research underway through Plymouth University - 'Boosting livelihoods and conservation practices among small-scale fishermen' that in its first year will be lookings at St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve, North Devon and Jersey.

The aim of the research is to:

The partners will work with local scientists and the fishermen themselves, to harness their experiences of the unique challenges faced in each location, while pursuing five initial research goals:

  • Survey the health of species and habitats across UK sites against which changes can be recorded.
  • Instigate annual monitoring of key fish stocks in partnership with fishermen.
  • Create best practice codes of conduct for commercial and recreational fisheries within sites to manage pressures. This could include gear limits, vessel monitoring and closed areas.
  • Champion small-scale sustainable fishermen through improving port infrastructure to enhance quality and value to local fleets.
  • Create a sustainable, traceable and high-quality fishery to allow the fleet access to BLUE’s Reserve Seafood Scheme, thereby generating higher prices for fishermen protecting their livelihoods.
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