What our members say

The greatest benefit from the Forum this year has been the networking and sharing of experience it has enabled. 

After I went to a HEF meeting where landscape scale projects were being talked about, I was able to make links and visit two existing projects to help work out how the project we are planning should be developed.  There’s a big difference between reading stuff online about projects compared with actually hearing and seeing what is going on.  I think this is one of the main benefits of HEF - it’s a chance to network, share, learn and collaborate.  

How has the Forum has helped me/my organisation? By making me aware of other projects and contacts in the environmental sector. And providing a great networking opportunity.

HEF is becoming increasingly important as ecologically based environmental issues fall lower on national agendas.

Provides a network and a critical forum and reference point

Really useful networking opportunity for finding out what is going on in terms of environmental activity across Highland.  

The Forum is a useful point of reference, information and good practice.

Keeps me up to date with what is happening generally. 

Keep increasing participation to continue to build influence.

An important network to engage with peers and with a wider community of practice. This is a great resource.

An invaluable asset which should continue.

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