The Biodiversity Working Group works to encourage the delivery of the The Highland Biodiversity Action Plan 2015 - 2020, which is available to download from the Highland Environment Forum's Biodiversity website.

Biodiversity Conference 2018 - On the trail of the Lonesome Pine: the potential for expanding woodland networks

Presentation summaries

Pdfs of presentations

  1. The work of the Scottish School of Forestry
  2. Caithness Biodiversity Group
  3. Lochaber Biodiversity Group
  4. Funding options for native woodland expansion

Biodiversity Conference 2017 - Polinators, deer, woodlands, volunteering

Highland Wildlife Fair 2016

Biodiversity Conference 2015 - Volunteering - Read the conference report

Other biodiversity websites

Updates on progress on the actions identified in the action plan can be seen below:

Meeting notes:

August 2017


The Invasive Non-native Species Forum sits as a separate work group under the biodiversity working group remit.

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